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I’ve been a photographer since the age of ten, that was over fifty years ago.  I’ve kept current not by copying trends but by seeking out new styles and techniques my self.  Each day I seek to see something in a different way, to try something new and exciting in my work.  Over the years I’ve been copied many times yet I’ve been the artist blazing the new trail.  Even though Digital has been exciting and new since I first used this medium in 1989, I still hold to my b&w darkroom skills I’ve honed over hours of inhaling toner and fixer fumes in a cramped darkroom, and I still use film and make stunning original b&ws the old way.       I started my art career at age thirteen when I made a Pastel portrait of a fellow classmate, her mother still has that portrait on the wall of her livingroom, as proud of it as ever.  I owned my own photography studio from 1989 to 2004, covering weddings, highschool seniors, commercial photography, modeling photography and much more.  In the meantime I was always painting in oils and acrylics, my two favorite mediums.  I experiment with abstracts while painting portraits and landscapes.        All artists should have an outlook on themselves and their careers, I’m no exception.  How do I view myself in the artworld?  “I’m another nameless artist who does this not for fame or reward, I do it because I’m curious, what will the outcome be?  How will this thing I’m creating work out, will I like it?  Will the artwork say something to people        Someone told me once, “you’re not an artist you’re more like an inventor, you need to stick to one thing and do a series”.  He was probably right, and yet how can I just paint one subject one way like so many who are popular in today’s art scene.  I’m still searching at age sixty one, I’m still a kid at heart and taking a long time to mature I guess.  Like my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh, I’ve always had a burning to create, it’s like a fire within and hard to explain to those who’ve never experienced it.  This is all I do full time, and like my disappointed father used to say, at least he’s not out robbing banks.    Russell Lee Hansen
Russell Lee Hansen 2320 Central Ave. Kearney Ne 68857 308 237 1212
Four Fuji Masterpiece Awards Kodak Gallery Award PP of A Loan Collection Kodak Epcot Award Nebraska Master Photographer Of The Year Twelve PP of N Best In Show Awards Nebraska People’s Choice Award PP of Nebraska Jury High four Print Average 99.7 Nebraska Juried Top Artistic Photographer Five Nebraska Top Ten Awards